CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Last month, Ann Mallek, a democrat and a long time Albemarle County Board of Supervisor for White Hall District,  announced that she is running a re-election campaign but now, she has a new competitor.

New-comer, Brad Rykal, threw his hat in the race on Friday, March 17, he is running as an independent.

Rykal is a local podcaster, author, father, and veteran from Crozet. He says that his goal is to improve and build-out local infrastructure. He says that now's the right time for him to step into the world of politics.

"15 years of growth before infrastructure and there's a narrative out there that there's just 1 vote if you're a White Hall Supervisor. I think we need action now. I think we need somebody who can go in there and form relationships and make things happen. It's time for action," White Hall District candidate, Brad Rykal said.

Rykal goes on to say that although he admires Mallek, nothing's been done in the last 15 years of her holding the seat.

He believes that he has "skin in the game" and people in the White Hall District are ready for someone new to take the reigns. He says that his young family helps him look towards the future and what's best for his area.

"The next term is going to have long-term consequences. So, to take it with seriousness. I think it's value added to have a young family in this whole process because the decisions that are made affect us every single day," said Rykal.

He says that what the White Hall District needs now are more creative solutions. He plans to do this by having what he calls "listening tours" to speak with residents who have concerns. He says that he's already started this tour and many people have signed up to be heard.