LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- “I just want a good, competitive game, good atmosphere, I want the crowd to be happy, cheering us on. I just want everyone to feel included,” said head coach Rashawun Bishop, ahead of the championship game.

And the championship game gave the Louisa community that and everything else, such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and inspiration.

Louisa County High School’s stands were filled with students, teachers, and community members cheering on both adaptive basketball teams.

“The idea is to just give people with disabilities a chance to play and participate in sports and have the home crowd cheer them on,” Bishop added. 

The adaptive basketball program offers students a chance to excel and show off the skills they have been working on this past basketball season.

‘It’s an exciting day as we bring everyone together, and really celebrate and showcase the talent of our young people here, and the hard work they’ve put in, and for our whole school to be able to come together, and cheer them on, it’s fantastic,” said Superintendent Doug Straley of Louisa County Public Schools. 

From steals to half-court shots, to a neck-and-neck game, there was something for every student to enjoy.

“Inclusion gives everyone a chance to shine and give people opportunities to be really a part of something,” said Bishop. 

And it was a nail-biter until the end, with the Louisa County Lions winning the game 56-42.

But it wasn’t about the outcome, it was all about having fun and being able to shine in front of their peers.