CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Devils Backbone has announced some exciting news in that it is coming to Charlottesville.

The company's base camp is in Nelson County, which is about an hour's drive for people in Charlottesville.

After searching for the best location, its owners finally made a decision. They will be establishing a new location at 1000 West Main Street. This is where Skipping Rock Beer Company was but Devils Backbone says it feels confident this is the best location for its newest spot. 

“We knew that it was centrally located for everybody in Charlottesville to be able to get there whether you are working at the hospital, whether you’re over 21 and commuting into the school, whether you’re walking downtown to go to work. Either way, we know that this one can become kind of a community hub and centralized place for everyone in Charlottesville,” said Kim Oakley, the marketing director for Devils Backbone. 

The brewery wanted it to be easy access to everyone, which is why the new spot is being called ”Devils Backbone Backyard.”

It will have full-time a brewer at this location, meaning the beer that will be sold onsite will only be sold at this site. It will not be brought in from the base camp in Nelson County or another location in Lexington. 

Devils Backbone is hiring right now and hopes to be up and running by this May.