CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS)-- Kendall Gibson is the definition of a team player.  

"Last year our goalie was sick and our coach needed someone to play goalie and I knew somebody really wants to take that on so I just volunteered," explained Monticello senior midfielder Kendall Gibson.

"For her to step up and step in the goal which is a really a hard position anyway, I think just really speaks to who Kendall is as a team player," said Monticello girls lacrosse head coach Langley Sloan, "She is going to put the best interest of her teammates first every single time."

Kendall leads the Monticello lacrosse team in goals, assists and forced turnovers, but more importantly she is the glue that brings the team together. Just like she brings the school together as a leader of the Monticello student section.

"Since the pandemic this senior class has had to work really hard to bring back that school spirit and that comradery and the getting together and the tail gating and dressing up for spirit week and Kendall has been really instrumental in that," explained Sloan.

"I just think it's really important to keep a positive environment wherever you are," said Gibson, "I just love bringing the positive energy and just lifting people up win practice and in games too."

Her positivity and leadership are traits that's been making an impact since her freshman year and they'll help her standout as she spends the next four years playing field hockey at CNU

"Watching her go from somebody who was there and a lot of talent to that impact player," started Sloan, "We have four freshman on our team who, they just look at Kendall with hearts in their eyes, because they just want to be like her and they respect so much that she does. Even the people in her grade like respect what Kendall does and they don't want to not show up in the same way that Kendall shows up every single day."