PALMYRA, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- The sound of nearly 97 miles per hour is enough to scare any batter, but for Fluvanna County's J.J. Glasscock it is music to his ears.

"It feels electric," Glasscock said, "All the adrenaline running through you and just letting it all out in one pitch, it feels great."

Glasscock grew up on the game of baseball, knowing from an early age his life would be on the mound.

"Right after school back in like kindergarten, preschool type stuff, going right outside our house to this little patch of grass and just playing catch with my dad," Glasscock said, "My mom would record me, videoing me just practicing pitching."

Right as Glasscock took off in the game, the family moved to Fluvanna County much to the excitement of baseball coach Joel Gray, who has watched the Fluco flame thrower toss six career no-hitters.

"First thought I had about him was man that kid throws hard and if he doesn't kill all our players in batting practice, we'll be okay," Gray said.

It was in Fluvanna Glasscock developed a next level work ethic on a farm with cattle far from the cities of Northern Virginia.

"Me and my dad would work on the house and it was just me and him living on a floor and I just started lifting weights," Glasscock said, "I had like a 15-pound dumbbell, jump rope and I was just doing cross-fit stuff."

"He's had a work ethic pretty much second to none since he's been here," Gray said, "Three mornings a week, he's in the weight room at 7 a.m. and kind of been our leader in the weight room. Call it the Iron Fluco Breakfast Club and he's kind of the chairman of that group."

The future West Virginia Mountaineer has six pitches and a dream to make it to the MLB.

"I'm very confident," Glasscock said, "I'm not going to give up on it, so I don't think it'll never not happen."

"Great role model for our younger players and when they see the hard work that he puts in and that it's paying off, think that's huge," Gray said, "Nobody outworks that kid and he deserves everything that he gets."