NELSON COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Brian Clowdus Experience is bringing the story of Charlotte’s Web, which everyone knows and loves, to Central Virginia.

Charlotte, Wilbur, and friends are sharing a new adaptation of Charlotte’s Web, where the audience and scenery are the stars of the show.

This production is much more than a play. It is a 360 immersive experience on a working farm with the action taking place inside and outside of the barn. 

“And it really hits on so many life lessons, like friendships and unexpected friends, and it really deals with things like life and death, and how we cope with that. It’s just really what we need nowadays, to realize we’re more similar than we’re different,” said Brian Clowdus, the director of The Charlotte’s Web Experience.

Some highlights to look forward to are a petting zoo pre-show, live music on stage, and feeling like you are in the most beloved family story of all time. 

“You’re going to feed the animals, you’re going to see the actual geese and gander, we’ve got pigs behind us, so you really feel like you are stepping into the world of the Zuckerman farm,” added Clowdus. 

The best parts are the actors playing their own instruments and even an original song written by the cast and crew.

“This is really when Charlotte decides, ‘Okay I am going to go to the fair with Wilbur and help save his life,'” added Grace Ehrhorn. 

Ticket information will be available for The Charlotte’s Web Experience here.