ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The CASPCA Concerns group is demanding more transparency from the local animal shelter's Board of Directors after news broke that it placed Executive Director Angie Gunter on administrative leave.

The group is looking for more transparency about the current investigation into the shelter, wants further investigation into its operations, and is asking that the city and other large sources of funds step in.

"As an employee, I was afraid to speak up, as a volunteer I was afraid to speak up," said Sarah Lloyd, a former volunteer.

Since a letter of concern was sent to the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA's board regarding a hostile work environment and poor living conditions for the animals, a group of concerned volunteers, called CASPCA Concerns, has been asking for more, especially transparency.

"We need to know that when there are issues at the shelter, that we can talk about them without fear of retaliation," said Lloyd.

To achieve this, the group addressed the Charlottesville City Council on Monday night because the city partially funds the shelter.

"We are really hoping to get the board restructured," said Lloyd.

They want to see other financial sources represented on the board.

"There's a representative from the [Albemarle County] Board of Supervisors, from city council, that there is a licensed veterinarian, maybe an animal advocate, and a volunteer would be great and we want full transparency," said Lloyd.

Last Friday, Gunter was put on administrative leave as a result of an investigation that was recently finished by an outside law firm. But CASPCA Concerns doesn't think that's all that could be done.

"We want the McGuireWoods report released to that everyone can see the results of that," said Lloyd.

"I'd like to see the board meetings made open to the public due to prior lack of accessibility for folks that have concerns," said Louise Finger, another former volunteer.

CASPCA Concerns believes allowing this would show transparency and build trust between the shelter and the community.

"Everything needs to be looked at that was going on there so that things don't fall back and become what they were before," said Lloyd.

The board has hired Darcy Furr, an HR director, to fill Gunter’s position until matters are settled. CASPCA Concerns doesn't know too much about Furr, but doesn't think they are the answer to the “comprehensive overhaul” needed at CASPCA.

When asked for a comment, the CASPCA Board of Directors said it is restricted in how much it can say on personnel matters but believe the decision to place the CEO on administrative leave was an important one.