CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Pro-life activists were on Grounds at the University of Virginia on Wednesday, sparking some debate. 

"It's important to reach out to college students because they are our future voters and our future leaders,” said Molly Meyer, a member of the Ohio-based pro-life group Created Equal.

Members were sharing what they call the truth about abortion: "It's always wrong to intentionally kill innocent human beings."

They handed out literature with the same graphic images as the signs they planted on the sidewalk.

"We know a lot of people disagree with the signs but the signs are graphic because abortion is graphic," Meyer said.

Some people ignored them, some took the literature and some engaged in conversation.

"I am pro-choice 100 percent through and through,” said fourth-year religious studies student Elizabeth Wilding.

She said she engaged because wanted to share her morals with the activists.  

"Body autonomy and mind your business. So, it's really nobody else's business what you decide to do and I don't believe politicians should be in the doctor’s office," she said.  

Abortion access is a debate that will remain front and center heading into the presidential election in 2024.