MADISON COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- “Good, better, best, until your good is better, and your better is best,” is the motto of Erin Mitchell’s classroom at Madison Primary School.

She has been recognized as the Madison County representative for CBS19 and Flow Automotive's Teacher Appreciation Week, which celebrates teachers, who were nominated by the community.

Mitchell has been making an impact at Madison Primary in second grade for many years.

In fact, she was even named Madison County's Educator of the Year just a few days ago.

“Mrs. Mitchell is just a fabulous teacher, and her awareness, matched with her heart, is what makes a difference for these kids,” said Mike Coiner, the principal at Madison Primary School.

One of the biggest lessons taught in Mitchell’s class is not taught in the books: the importance of respect. 

“They come in every day and know exactly what’s expected of them, they treat each other with respect, and it’s certainly all due to her,” added Coiner. 

Whether it’s math, reading, or science, Mitchell knows exactly how to make her students understand the material being taught and teaches lessons of values outside of the classroom. 

That is what Teacher Appreciation Week is all about, showing teachers that their students will listen to them, stand with them, and come together to take action, so that every student has a teacher who feels respected and supported.