CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- The moment Virginia third baseman Jake Gelof heard his name called in the MLB Draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers, Gelof already had the perfect hat and picture for his new team.

"It kind of puts it into perspective," Gelof said the day after being drafted, "If you could have told that 9-year-old kid that he would be part of the Dodgers organization how happy he would be."

Gelof was selected at No. 60 overall in the second round by the Dodgers, the same exact pick his brother Zack was drafted at two years prior by another MLB team from California, the Oakland Athletics. Zack was not at the draft party, but as soon as the Las Vegas Aviators picked up a win in El Paso he ran into the clubhouse to text his brother congratulations.

The older Gelof brother also tweeted a picture of he and Jake in Dodgers uniforms back when Jake was nine-years-old.

"My brother and I, I guess were like a package deal or something," Jake says about being a member of the Dodgers in little league, "But we ended up going to the Lewes Dodgers and that was kind of how it happened."

The big league Dodgers have had a knack for drafting UVA players the last two years, selecting both pitcher Brandon Neeck and outfielder Chris Newell a year ago. Gelof said he talked to Newell about the Dodgers organization and the process following the draft.

After the call from his agent, the Dodgers' scout and talking to his family, the moment finally settled in for Gelof, especially after seeing the picture of his nine-year-old self in the Dodgers blue.

"You see that little picture of me holding up the home run ball and just how happy I am right now and how much telling little Jake how happy he would be," Gelof said.