ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- “For kids to see that, my teacher’s on Spotify, my teacher’s on YouTube, my teacher’s on Apple Music, and things like that,” said Will Donnelly, a fifth grade teacher at Crozet Elementary School.

Donnelly is making an impact in the classroom with the educational raps he has made.

“For kids to see the power of connecting course subjects, so I’m working on writing, how can I write music that also tells a story and what I’m learning in math or in science and things like that,” said Donnelly.

Students grew up with mnemonics, like PEMDAS and NESW, so Donnelly wanted to give kids their own way of remembering the things they are learning in a fun way.

“I just kind of wanted to flip it my way, and add anything that I was thinking, rap-wise, to connect with kids,” said Donnelly.

To create the raps is a team effort between Donnelly and his students. They work together to create something that is easy to memorize.

“Nine out of ten times, I’ll take it to my kids, and say this is what I have so far. And they’ll be like well let’s change this word, what if we add this, and things like that,” said Donnelly.

And, Donnelly’s class is working on something new, their order of operations rap.

While creating the raps is fun, Donnelly hopes other teachers can take away the impact music can have in the education world.

“I want to kind of blend all of that together so that kids see art everywhere,” said Donnelly.

Donnelly isn’t just a teacher in the classroom, he performs at local breweries in our area.

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