CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- “I have three daughters, a wife, a granddaughter, and I have 10,000 women at UVA I consider family,” UVA Professor Robert Emery says, choking back tears. 

Choking back tears, Professor Robert Emery recalls the scary moments a UVA student was almost abducted. 

Emery and his family were getting ready for bed, when they heard what they thought was a domestic dispute, happening right outside their home near Cabell Avenue around 9:40 Wednesday night.

Without hesitation, Emery jumped into action telling his wife to call 911, and running out the door.

“A man appeared from behind the truck, told me I was interfering and was clearly in a panic and then immediately jumped into the truck and drove down the street as fast as he could, crashing at the end of the street,” Emery said. 

It was then that Emery, his wife, his daughter and her boyfriend followed suspect James Robert Allen, and the victim.

Allen took off running, while the victim was found moments later, hiding behind a car. A student, who does not want to be identified, describes the chaotic scene.

“She seemed really disheveled and had duct tape on her wrist which is really scary," A Fourth-Year student said. 

“She was clearly traumatized physically and emotionally. My daughter eventually went with her in the ambulance and was with her at the hospital,” Emery said.

Police tracked down Allen early Thursday afternoon in Louisa County. It’s unclear how he traveled miles away from the scene.  

Emery reflected on how proud he is to call Charlottesville home. 

“And um, I don’t think I am unique. We live in a great place, and I want people to feel safe. I am grateful to the police, but I am also grateful to this place where I live.” 

Allen is facing multiple charges including strangulation and abduction. The victim was taken to UVA medical center for minor injuries.