ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Early voting is designed to give people a chance to cast their ballot on their schedule and Albemarle County residents are doing just that.

"I think our locals is what's driving people out because we have the school board at large race, we have two candidates for that race,” Albemarle County Registrar Lauren Eddy said.

About 10 percent of registered voters in Albemarle County have voted early. Eddy said that's what they expected with the school board race. 

Campaign workers and signs for conservative Meg Bryce and Democrat Allison Spillman have been at the Albemarle Office Building since early voting began.

"Meg is out to see that standards are improved, scores are improved. Our schools are going down, standard-wise. Kids aren't getting to school on time and parents are leaving in droves,” Bonnie Salecker, a Bryce supporter, said.

Meg Bryce has said she took her children out of ACPS for those reasons.

"Allison Spillman has five students in the school division right now, she is just really up to date on the issues facing our students. Really supports our teachers and students and a learning environment for all,” Sarah Harris, a Spillman supporter, said.

Issues like banned books and student freedoms are the main topics of the race, but in Charlottesville, there's nothing like that on the ballot driving participation.

"In the school board, you know, we have four seats open and four names on the ballot,” Charlottesville Registrar Taylor Yowell said.

Roughly one percent of City voters have cast a ballot so far.

Early voting ends Nov. 4 and Election Day is Nov. 7.