CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Most people know Cole George for his play on the lacrosse field, but during the fall, he goes back to his first love.

"Soccer is really enjoyable, George said. "It's fun. I come out here with all of my friends and it's kind of what I do for fun, but it's become a big aspect of my life."

George has spent the last three seasons playing for the Saints and the last two under the guidance of varsity head coach Thomas Nilsen. 

"He's working just as hard in soccer as he is in lacrosse," Nilsen said. "He's been a pleasure to have since the get-go, but I have to say his leadership has grown tremendously over the past years."

To the point, where he serves as the team's captain this season -- far from the quiet kid that Nilsen first met a couple years ago. 

"This year, I've had to step into the role as an active leader talking more to the younger kids," George said. "I'm kind of the one at the end of practice making sure they're all good. Making sure they are staying ahead of everything they need to do."

And Nilsen says that has translated to how he is on both the soccer and lacrosse field. 

"We've heard multiple coaches says he's really developed his leadership through soccer."

But the field isn't the only place he uses his voice.

"I am choir kid," George said. "So outside of sports, during school, I sing and that's kind of fun. I got into it when I was in fourth or fifth grade in South Carolina where I got named gifted and talented. I don't know what it really meant, but it's like you're good at singing."

With the final weeks of the season approaching, Cole hopes he can end the season on a high note.

"This has probably been one of the best teams that I have been on from just having fun standpoint and everyone having a singular goal in mind. Coming into my final high season, it's just about winning the next game, but always looking ahead. My goal is I want to win states. I want to make it to states."