LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- In a tearful presentation at Louisa County High School Michelle Mendez’s life changed as she was given a new car. 

"And they have really been helping me and to get this car is just a blessing. It's been hard as a single mom," Mendez said. 

Giving Words is a local nonprofit that helps single mothers by relieving their transportation expenses. They work alongside multiple different partners including Rappahannock Electric Cooperative who also donated $10,200 to Giving Words to further their initiative. 

Once a single mother herself, Casey Hollins from REC, truly understands how much this initiative means. 

“Louisa County is my hometown and to be here representing REC, and showing our members how much of an impact their dollars make in my hometown is really impactful. And at one point in my life, I was a single mom, so I can completely relate to what this mom’s needs are and it’s a really moving experience,” Hollins said.

Another major contributor in the giveaway, are students from Louisa County High School. They work hands on to repair the vehicle, get it updated, and ready for the recipient. 

"Everything we did, we did the tires, the TPS sensor, the exhaust and the AC hose and everything, we just did that because we love giving back to our community here in Louisa. We just love giving back," LCHS Junior, Conner Wilbon said.  

While they still got to learn through an interactive project, they also felt the emotion behind what this meant for Mendez. 

“It warms my heart honestly, that she got the car, it just made me feel great, honestly," Wilbon said. 

And with two high school aged children that will benefit from this giveaway, Mendez was thankful for the hard work the students put in over the past two months. 

“I hope they are happy about what they have done, and grateful that it is going to someone that is really going to appreciate it use it,” Mendez said.