CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Two women went on a deep dive into a murder case with local ties and took their information to a bigger stage than just their podcast, Small Town Big Crime.

“It would be a deep dive into a local case that had unanswered questions and I asked Courteney Stuart to be a part of it with me and we decided to focus on the Jens Soering case. He has been convicted of murdering Derek and Nancy Haysom in Bedford County Virginia in 1985. And they were the parents of his girlfriend at the time,” said Rachel Ryan, Co-host of Small Town Big Crime.

Their goal was to find the truth. 

“There had been some recent developments with DNA and we figured this would be something we could pursue and try to get some more answers to see if he really had been wrongfully convicted and there were other murderers on the loose or if he was responsible for the crime,” she added.

“We made so much more headway than we had ever imagined. We were collecting DNA from alternate suspects, getting results and we just kept going down rabbit holes,” said Courteney Stuart, Co-host of Small Town Big Crime.

Then they had an opportunity to take what they had been working on to the big screen.

“And in the process of this investigation, there was a documentary series that was underway and they reached out to us sort of in the middle of our investigation and said ‘You know we’d love to come interview you about what you’re doing.' We started doing interviews I think in 2020 and then they just kept coming back and we kept doing more and more interviews and our investigation was unfolding as we were getting DNA results and they were following us through this process,” said Stuart.

“To have it be out for the world to see on a really big platform like Netflix is really validating and exciting,” said Ryan.

The women share that the process of the documentary took years.

“You see 10 or 15 minutes of an interview that probably was eight hours,” said Stuart.

Although the documentary comes out on Nov. 1, this case is ever-changing.

“I think somebody that watches the Netflix series can still learn new things by listening to our podcast,” said Ryan.

“Our podcast is about the crime and about the investigation but it’s also about all of the people that get pulled into a crime like this over the years. The witnesses that never came forward, the alternate suspects who have lives and have been accused of something that they claim they didn’t do and they are too powerless to stand up for themselves,” Stuart said.

So be sure to check out Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom on Netflix.

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