Allison Spillman is the Democratic-endorsed candidate for the Albemarle County School Board at-Large seat. This is Part One of a three-part profile.

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- "I'm extremely frustrated by a lot of things in our school system and with the central office," said Allison Spillman.

"It's not a fair assessment to make this political decision from the outside without being in it," she said when asked about the renewal of Superintendent Matthew Haas’ contract.

Spillman said the central office should run like a business, an area in which she has experience.

"A top priority is making sure that our systems are running effectively and efficiently and making sure that the processes are working, so that we can make sure that the maximum amount of resources are going into the schools," she said.

She said one of those resources is the staff, and taking care of teachers means instituting collective bargaining.

"Our teachers are our frontline workers. I've said this repeatedly throughout my campaign, they are with my kids more than I am during the week, and they deserve to be trusted and they deserve to have a voice," she said.

Spillman said collective bargaining shouldn't be limited to the classroom, as it’s also part of what can help fix the bus driver shortage.

"We need to be paying our bus drivers a living wage and excellent benefits. And then we also need to be dealing with the behavior issues. You know, we came out of COVID and we all experienced this collective trauma and the kids are struggling and we've seen an increase in behaviors and we need to be dealing with those behaviors. And that means on the buses as well," she said.

Spillman said more could be done to support families that didn't get a spot on the bus while the school system fixes the problem.