CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- There were no classes at Charlottesville High School after too many members of the staff called out of work Friday. School officials and parents, say it could be related to a pair of fights that happened on Thursday and that fighting and discipline is an ongoing problem.

"Lately, it's been quite bad," said Gina Proulx, a CHS parent.

Just last week, CHS Principal Rashaad Pitt told the district he would be resigning before Thanksgiving break.

Charlottesville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Royal Gurley says they've been working on safety, discipline and school culture for some time, and will step up their efforts to ensure that Charlottesville High School is a safe place.

"Our families send our students here to get an education. Our teachers come here because they want to teach. They want to feel safe here, and we have to ensure that those students who are causing those disruptions, that we address those behaviors. We have a range of resources that we are using to support our students," he said.

The school says it'll have additional supports in place at the school, including central office staff as well as the Charlottesville Police Department making exterior patrols on campus.

"There will be someone coming through more frequently and as available. We don't have SROs but we do have to lean on them to help us with various components of the school, even though we don't have an SRO model," he said.

On Monday and Tuesday, CHS will meet on their regular schedule.