CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- There’s an offer to pay to have a cop in Charlottesville High School that’s coming from a nonprofit dedicated to school safety named the Uvalde Foundation for Kids.

The foundation was founded after the massacre at the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school. Now it’s offering volunteer support and pay for a resource officer at CHS.

"There are students and teachers that have called me crying," said Daniel Chapin, founder and national director for the Uvalde Foundation for Kids. "I was also in my response appalled when I learned that 27 of 96 teachers staged a walkout."

Chapin says hearing about episodes of violence in any school is hard.

"It was heartbreaking because you obviously have a community that has a heart for its students that has been struggling for an answer for some time," he said.

The foundation heard about the recent events at CHS after the region was put on its radar following the incident at Richneck Elementary school where a six-year-old shot his teacher.

According to the foundation, many parents reported that Charlottesville City Schools officials have been "elusive" on safety concerns brought forth in the past. The foundation has begun recruiting Charlottesville community volunteers to join its STOP NOW Volunteer School Patrols.

Beth Cheuk, a spokesperson for the school division, addressed the relationship with the foundation during a recent press conference.

"When you are trying to return to normal, and you're wanting to establish your normal routine, having new faces in the building may or may not be the best way forward," she said.

According to WRIC in Richmond, the Uvalde Foundation has begun recruiting volunteers to patrol Huguenot High School since the shooting that happened near its graduation earlier this year.