LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Every day, Louisa County students focus on kindness, positivity, and citizenship. 

And those qualities were recognized by Governor Glenn Youngkin, as Louisa County High School received the Governor’s Volunteerism and Community Service Award.

“What they’re teaching their students, besides just a great education, is the service to humanity. And that’s the best work you can do in life is giving back to others,” said Tracy Clark, the executive director of the Louisa County Chamber of Commerce. 

Throughout the school year, students participate in asynchronous days, during which they volunteer their time to make Louisa County a better place.

“Here at LCPS, there’s nothing more important than helping make sure we’re building good citizens, good leaders, every single day. Certainly to see our students out there and helping build a better community is really powerful, and I’m so proud of our team,” said Doug Straley, the superintendent of Louisa County Public Schools.

Some events include the Rally for Kindness, the Meals of Hope Project, the First Responder Car Wash, and the Community Clean Ups.

“It really teaches students the importance of getting in the community and helping out. But it also gives us a chance to interact with each other and build relationships,” said Savannah Bragg, a senior at Louisa County High School. 

Louisa County Public Schools hopes that students understand while this award is an accomplishment in itself, participating and understanding the importance of these projects is the real reward.

“Here at LCPS, there’s nothing more important than helping to make sure we’re building good citizens and good leaders every single day,” added Straley. 

Youngkin added that the resilience, generosity, and commitment of the young volunteers exemplify the best of Virginia.

And that motivation is making LCPS excited to be involved even more in its community.

“In addition to creating students who are excelling in various different fields of education, we also want to make sure we are producing positive and productive members of society, and taking care of our community is the first step,” said Rodney Redd, the principal of Louisa County High School.