LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19NEWS) -- For more than 20 years, Cavalier Produce has helped local restaurants stay in business and make meaningful relationships with the community through food.

“You’re only as good as your last meal, so we try to make every meal the best,” said Denise Yetzer, the president of Cavalier Produce.

Cavalier Produce prides itself on being a premier resource for any cook within the greater Charlottesville and Central Virginia regions.

“Some of our clients include UVA and William and Mary. Some of the restaurants that we service locally are Zocalo, Hamilton’s, and Barbeque Exchange,” said Yetzer.

The overall goal of Cavalier Produce is to play an integral part in making a chef’s passion their reality and giving them great ingredients for the customers they serve.

“We tend to connect with customers who feel the same way, who value a local company that listens to them,” added Yetzer. 

After COVID, lots of food service businesses, including Cavalier Produce, had to shift the way their business operated due to the ups and downs the industry experienced.

But one thing that stayed the same is the dedication to the community.

“Our mantra is ‘We Listen, We Act, We Deliver’, so we really try to respond to our customer’s needs and listen to what they need. If they need something special that we don’t have, we’ll go out and find it for them. If they need a special delivery, we will do that for them,” said Yetzer.

In the future, Cavalier Produce hopes to continue inspiring a new generation of chefs with fresh ingredients and stay connected with the community it serves every day.

“Food is so integral to everyone’s life and it really is a passion for us to help people enjoy that, bring people together, and enjoy their time together wherever that may be,” Yetzer said. 

Cavalier Produce was founded in 2001 in Charlottesville. In 2016, it moved to its current location in Louisa County.