CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- More than a third of child injuries and deaths happen at home, according to

It's because home is where kids spend most of their time.

The Blue Ridge Health District is hoping to change that by offering child-proofing and CPR classes.

"There's always something that will happen with little ones," said baby CPR teacher Amy Lane.

A class hosted on Saturday was full of expecting parents and expecting grandparents who said they wanted to make sure everything in their house is ready to best protect their new child or grandchild.

First, they went through a presentation about baby proofing.

"Observing room by room how your house is. For example, common household cleansers, common things that we use like air fresheners and such that are attractive to toddlers and babies. and just learning how to store those properly," said instructor Diane Sampson.

BRHD handed out medication storage boxes and resources if something were to happen. But the teachers also emphasized that accidents are bound to happen.

"Have parents feel more confident, and to not scare them with all the things that can happen but to have them act proactively," Samson said.