CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) – UVA Health is improving their telehealth coverage globally.

They've joined an alliance that will help doctors and patients in medically undeserved countries around the world give and get care.

Fifty to 100 UVA doctors currently volunteer at a United Kingdom-based charity and help doctors in developing countries treat their patients.

UVA's telemedicine unit is expanding the work they do with that charity by creating a similar one in the United States, which will focus on cybersecurity and helping streamline the process to communicate overseas.

“These technologies enable them to provide continuous care as needed to patients around the globe. And we certainly know there are huge disparities for patients, especially in the developing world in conflict zones. And so for us, this is a labor of love where we can also contribute to bettering the lives of patients worldwide,” head of telehealth Dr. Karen Rheuban said.

Rheuban said they have a long-term goal to create an ultra-secure platform that can be used by any charities who do international outreach.