CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- UVA Health's SPRINT is finally able to treat patients for the first time after a $120,000 grant from The Jefferson Trust. 

The program will help patients after they’ve had knee surgery get back to physical activity. 

A kinesiologist with UVA says there’s a gap between when physical therapy ends and when the patient is ready to return to their sport.

“Normally people get four, five, or six months of insurance to cover PT after they’ve had surgery. Often, that’s not enough. Recommendations for ACL surgery would be 9 months of rehabilitation before you go back to sports and so there’s like a hole there that we're trying to fill. Our goal is to make sure that people continue to have access to the care that they need to bridge that gap,” said Chris Kuenze, co-director of The SPRINT Program at UVA Health.

Using the grant from The Jefferson Trust they will use technology to help get people back to 100 percent before returning to their sport.