ALBEMARLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS)-- Starting something from scratch is never easy, but for Meredith Stilley, her love of diving pushed her to bring the sport back to Albemarle High School.

"I love this sport and to be able to give it to other people and give them the opportunity to do it when I almost didn't have the opportunity to is so exciting," Stilley said. 

Helping with that vision was Samson Miller who coaches Stilley at Albemarle and for her club team, Wahoo Dive Club.

"I think she's the best female diver in Central Virginia and I've always know that she had the potential to be that," Miller said. "Meredith sets the standard for our team. They see the things she talks about doing and then they get to see her do them on deck."

Stilley not only holds the school's 6 and 11-dive record, she is the reigning Region 5 champion, which she won for a second straight year this past weekend.

"It was really exciting for me because it showed all of my progress and I know I really worked hard for it," Stilley said. "So it was such a big accomplishment."

"This year, she just blew it out of the water," Miller said. "We are gearing up for state's and we have really high goals for that too and that just puts us in a really good head space to go into states."

Which she hopes to make the most of after finishing in second the last two years.

"At first it did put me down because I was like can I really do it, but I made so much progress over the summer, Stilley said. "Being so close, I just feel like I can do it. It makes me push harder."

"It's no secret Meredith wants that state title and we know it's going to take a lot of work to get there and we've been prepping for that all season and she knows she has what it takes to win and we are going to leave the rest up to the judges," Miller said. 

Stilley plans on attending UVA next year and walking on the the swimming and diving team. 

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