CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- February 11th is International Day of Girls and Women in Science and UVA female biology and neuroscience majors are making big discoveries in the lab. 

Luken’s Lab studies the brain in connection with the immune system and has a large female presence. They are working on complex neurological disorders in humans and will help to identify therapeutic targets to treat CNS diseases.

“We study neuroimmunology, brain inflammation, Alzheimer's disease, basically any disease that combines looking at the immune system and the brain. We also like to make science fun. The culture of this lab makes it a great place to be,” Third year student Ava Hollis said. 

According to US National Science Foundation, women comprise 29% of the STEM workforce while in Luken’s lab, women comprise nearly 50%.  Learn more about the latest Alzheimer's research and the Alzheimer's Association at