LEXINGTON, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, Donald Trump Jr., spoke to thousands of people just an hour away from Charlottesville at Washington and Lee University’s Mock Convention. "Mock Con" is a political project that predicts the next presidential candidate of the party not currently in power. 

“I believe the choice in November will be straight forward,” Gov. Glenn Youngkin said. 

Republican party members spoke about the future for Republicans and their concerns with the opposing Democrat party at the presidential election year tradition in Lexington. 

“Today's progressive Democratic party does not believe in, nor do they want a strong America,” Youngkin said. 

The 1500 undergraduate students are divided into state delegations and rally together to cast votes toward who they think will be the Republican presidential nominee. For almost 80% of students, 2024 will be their first election, and they say they are ready to make an impact. 

“At the end of the day, we are the generation that will make the change. Our parents have grown up and voted but now it's time for us to make a change,” State Chair and Senior Maggie McBrayer said. 

After deliberation among the state chairs the students came to a decision. 

“We have chosen Donald John Trump,” Political Chair Foster Harris announced.

This comes with his son, Donald Trump Jr. in attendance as one of the speakers. He says that the party needs to trek forward confidently. 

“But we must be unafraid. We must step out from the shadows. We must understand there is some consequence, but it doesn't matter, because the consequence of inaction is far, far more draconian than the consequence of speaking up,” Trump Jr. said. 

Washington and Lee started the Mock Convention back in 1908 and since then have guessed every single Republican party candidate correctly. As for Virginia, the state is set to vote in the presidential primary, March 5th and until later this year, we will not know if the streak will live on.