CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A University of Virginia student is in the hospital and a fraternity has been suspended following an alleged hazing incident last week.

Kappa Sigma has been suspended at UVA pending an investigation.

"The common denominator in every fraternity injury or death case that I've had around the United States has always been alcohol,” said David Bianchi, a lawyer who specializes in hazing cases.

A student publication called the Jefferson Independent reports that last Tuesday, a second-year transfer student pledging Kappa Sigma fell down the stairs and hit his head after drinking heavily.

The publication says the student is now in a coma.

A national representative from Kappa Sigma said they are aware of the incident and "any member found to violate the Fraternity's Code of Conduct, which strictly forbids hazing for the disgusting act that it is, will be held accountable,” Leo Brown said.

The University said, "We take allegations of hazing seriously and act quickly to investigate them and take disciplinary action if necessary."

Bianchi’s first hazing case involved Kappa Sigma at the University of Miami in 2001.

“All of the laws are there, all the rules are there, all the regulations are there, but it still happens," he said.

Seventy students nationwide have died from fraternity hazing since 2000.

Bianchi said students don't seem to think there are real world consequences.

"If criminal charges are filed aggressively by the prosecutors, if they seek maximum sentences, if universities expelled these guys immediately, that will get out to the fraternity members and I think you'll start to modify behavior,” he said.