CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Parents of some students at the University of Virginia are accusing other students of breaking the law. 

Meantime, the University is being investigated by the Department of Education for potential threats against Jewish students.

“Hundreds of people showed up wearing these masks and the University has done nothing,” said UVA parent Joel Nied.

The organization Students for Justine in Palestine sent out a flyer to members with instructions for a planned walkout on October 25, and under the directions portion, they said “Wear a mask/hat/sunglasses.”

According to Virginia law, it's illegal for anyone over 16 to hide a portion of their face to conceal their identity.

Nied, an attorney who is also a parent of a Jewish UVA student, breaks down what the law means.

“So, unlike these other statutes that require an intent to intimidate, this statute only requires an intent to conceal your identity. So there doesn’t have to be intimidation. The law was written so that what people were saying while they were wearing a mask or doing while wearing a mask was irrelevant,” said Nied.

It was at a rally that first-year student Matan Goldstein was slapped. 

“I don’t have the names of the people who physically assaulted me because I didn’t get the privilege of asking for their name after they hit me and ran,” said Goldstein.

“And so this is a blatant, blatant violation of the law that no one seems to be prosecuting,” said Nied.

Nied argues that this isn’t the first time a section of this law has been violated on Grounds.

In 2022, a noose was put around the Homer statue on the UVA Lawn. The commonwealth's attorneys charged the person responsible. The same goes for the tiki torch rioters from August 12th who are being charged with intent to intimidate.

In response to concerns about masks at recent demonstrations, the University is actively engaged with local commonwealth’s attorneys on this important question. I hope to have additional information on those discussions soon,” said UVA spokesperson Brian Coy.