CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Thursday is World Down Syndrome Day, and one local group is doing what it can to raise awareness of the disability.

People with Down Syndrome have three copies of chromosome 21, while most people have just two. This can affect how a person looks, speaks, and how they learn in school.

Students with Down Syndrome may need extra time to do their work or have helpers, but they can learn the same skills as their classmates.

Emily Baxter, a mother of a child with Down Syndrome, organized an event with Kindness Cafe in McIntire Park to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

She says while parenting a child with Down Syndrome can have its challenges, so much good can come from it.

"Let them be part of the family, and when that starts happening, then that child is getting the support that they need, and we've seen crazy things happen, like lifespans are extending, quality of life, all of this is getting bigger and greater," she said.

Those who attended were encouraged to wear patterned and different-colored socks to help celebrate what makes everyone unique.