CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Education and Science departments at the University of Virginia are increasing STEM education at Buford Middle School.

They’ve started a “lab school” that will have hands-on education and project-based learning.

“What we want them to do is solve real-world problems. And so, it'll bring in skills that they need with computational thinking and computer science, but also science, you know, social studies, English,” said Kim Wilkens, the head of education outreach at UVA Education.

Students will work on major projects during the school year, such as looking at the safety and size of the sidewalks students use to walk to school.

Buford Principal Rodney Jordan said project-based learning brings engagement up.

"With them being excited about their learning, I think kids are more likely to come to school, and come to class and have those enjoyable experiences," he said.

The program officially kicks off in the fall. The goal is to increase this type of education in all subjects.