CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Electric scooters minimize travel time around Grounds, but also are becoming a big safety concern for pedestrians, drivers, and the people riding them. The University of Virginia Police Department says it is taking these concerns seriously. 

“In the next few weeks, we will be doing traffic stops. Traffic stops on electric scooters are already occurring,” Sergeant Beckett Thelen said. 

Thelen says the people getting stopped are only receiving warnings and educational materials to improve their safety, but penalties could become more serious in the future. 

“Those traffic stops will start to change from warnings to possibly citations,” Thelen said. 

This year, UPD started providing more tips for people who choose to travel by scooter, opening up the conversation surrounding safety on Grounds.

“The pamphlets, the flyers that we are handing out, the information we are giving out at these tabling events, it's a lot of information but there are a lot of rights and responsibilities you have every time you get on one of those electric scooters,” Thelen said. 

First-year student Aya Leone is a frequent user of the electric scooters, and she says there are some things that she does to ensure her safety.

“I definitely slow down at stop signs and make sure there are no cars around. I feel like the cars can do a lot more damage to me than I can to them,” Leone said.

Leone says that enforcing more traffic stops is for the good of the school. 

“It's just for the convenience and safety of other students. It's just maybe something to adjust to, but it is for the benefit of all of us,” Leone said. 

UPD says that this initiative is not to steer people away from using them but to promote safer roadways. 

“It's a fun alternative means to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ but I need to be safe, and I need to be responsible when I utilize it,” Thelen said.  

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