CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Thursday is World Parkinson’s Day and local groups are raising awareness of the neurological disease.

The National Institutes of Health says the number of Parkinson's cases is among the fastest-growing neurological disorders in the world.

The Parkinson’s Activity Resource Center (PARC), a local gym for Parkinson’s patients, teamed up with the American Parkinson’s Disease Association and the University of Virginia Health System's Department of Neurology for a day of education.

The neurology department has a new Parkinson’s clinic and has made advancements in care it wanted to share.

Sarah Lincoln, the president of PARC, says a day like this is important so patients can find a big team with a lot of support.

"We have people with Parkinson's, we have support partners, we have care partners, we have spouses, we have doctors, we have nurses, we have PT, we have OT. The whole gamut," she said.

Science companies were also there to display and discuss new technologies to help patients live better lives after surgeries.