ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) – The Human Services Alternative Response Team (HART) is getting another team funded.

HART is changing the way law enforcement responds to crises.

"Doing the same thing and still coming up with the same problems isn't the way to fix something," said Officer Brian Miller.

HART is called in if officials determine a crisis as a mental health or substance abuse situation. It's responded to 240 crises since August, and about 80 percent of those had to do with mental health.

"Instead of just being a quick fix, we can take hours, days, whatever it takes," Miller said.

"Not everyone in crisis is able to make good choices for themselves or for others," Team leader Stephen Hitchcock said.  

The team is made up of different professionals from different backgrounds to make sure they hit all their bases.

Titus Castens is a Fire Marshall and EMT.

"Are they able to maintain a healthy and safe home? Are they able to cook safely? Are they at risk of starting their house on fire?” he said.

And Miller is the police representative.  

"Legislative statutes that allow me to take somebody into custody and on the mental health side kind of force the person to get care if it comes down to that," said Miller.

Albemarle County funded a three-person team and equipment for one year for $300,000.