CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- University of Virginia doctors just finished a massive clinical trial where they learned about an important factor in the treatment of stroke patients.

In partnership with 60 hospitals, they looked at patients that came into the hospital with a stroke who also had high blood sugar.

They found that people with high blood sugar were more likely to have complications with the most common stroke treatment medicines.

Dr. Andrew Southerland, who interpreted that data, said it shows keeping blood sugar under control is vital for those at risk of getting a stroke.  

“There are certain risk factors that we definitely treat an increase and decrease risk of stroke, like high blood pressure. But for some reason, blood sugar has sort of been a forgotten risk factor when it comes to stroke care,” he said.

Southerland said the next step is to keep researching. They're participating in new trials from the National Institute of Health soon.