STANARDSVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Being a wing back requires a ton of energy running the length of the soccer field, but that has never been an issue for Sydney Orange.

"She's always been full of energy," William Monroe girls soccer coach Jeremy Lamm said. "She's a live wire on and off the field."

"I feel like I'm the hype man of the team," Orange said. "I'm a little loud of the bench and I'm always up and at them and ready to be energetic."

And that energy has made her a problem on the soccer field, earning All-Valley District honors two of the last three seasons, but it could've been three years in a row if not for a season-ending ankle injury her sophomore season.

"It was definitely hard not being able to play," Orange said. "Just watching from the sideline wishing you were playing, but my teammates helped me. They were like it will get better eventually."

And it did.

"One of the games back she comes out and scores two goals and it's like okay there's Sydney," Lamm said. 

"[Lamm's] daughter actually took a picture of me pointing at the scoreboard and it was great. That was definitely a moment where this is it. I got it back," Orange laughed. 

Fast forward to this season, Orange is fully healthy and has led the Dragons to a fiery start, winning nine of their opening 10 games.

"She's a leader on and off the field and just one of those people that everybody likes," Lamm said. "She makes a point to include everybody and just this big bubbly personality that you can't help but love and it just clicks."

And with a career in landscape architecture in the horizon, she hopes to complete one final dream season with her teammates.

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