CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Charlottesville Neighborhood Development Services and Department of Public Works want to hear from the community about sidewalks.

An interactive map is available until April 30 to get feedback regarding sidewalk priorities for the community.

People can select from various pins on the map to get more information about a given project and submit comments on it.

According to a release, city staff members have used information pulled for various plans and studies, including the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, to identify places where sidewalks are needed.

New sidewalks would be designed and built in the coming years, as projects are able to be funded.

In 2022, the city received grant funding to re-evaluate its walk priorities, aiming to produce a consolidated list of locations that could then be used as an implementation plan.

Factors considered include connectivity of sidewalks, safety, suitability and demand. Staff members also looked at right-of-way availability, utility conflicts, tree locations, existing schedules for paving and other road maintenance work, the feasibility of getting funding, and the distribution of investments.

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