MADISON COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Madison Roller Hockey Rink rebuilding project just got a huge boost from some of the biggest names in the hockey world.

The rink was destroyed by a wildfire last month and their youth team is part of a travel league that the NHL's Washington Capitals started this year.

The Capitals foundations, team owner Ted Leonsis and the NHL donated a combined $30,000 to help rebuild the rink.

Madison's goal is to rebuild the rink in a development at Hoover Ridge Park so the community has a better meeting place.

“Community is a huge part of it and having a facility or a location where that community can rally around and meet up every weekend and have their practices and have their games and really get to enjoy. It's just like having a Little League ball park,” said Peter Robinson, the head of Capitals Youth Hockey Development.

The Capitals’ equipment companies also are giving Madison a $30,000 on rink materials.

“To think that the given us, little small Madison, this money is like it's really it just blows my mind and we're so very, very grateful for everything they've done,” said Jerry Carpenter, the head of Parks and Recreation in Madison.

This donation leaves Madison Hockey with $200,000 left to fundraise. Carpenter said it's all coming in bit by bit.