CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- After a four-year hiatus, sandwich lovers can finally get their Littlejohn's fix again. And new co-owners Dain North and Bill Smyth are excited to bring it back.  

“When I was in undergraduate and Dain lived here you know we were here quite a bit and we thought it was a Charlottesville institution that deserved another chance,” co-owner Bill Smyth said. 

And not only have they brought the sandwich shop back to The Corner, but they also opened the same doors the original shop opened in 1976. 

“It's been a big process. We are dealing with a business that is 104 years old and the city has been gracious enough to allow us to get going again,” North said. 

With the nostalgic feeling in the same building, North says they still have their own aspirations as new owners. 

“I want to make it taste better than ever before,” North said. 

But customers have no need to worry, the classic signature sandwiches are starting to make their way back onto the menu. 

“Over the summer we are going to bring back some of the classics that aren't on the menu right now and introduce them as a weekly special," Smyth said. 

Though this is a fresh start to Littlejohn’s, the owners hope their revival also serves as a revival of supporting the locally owned businesses on The Corner. 

“I just want to get people up here to take a look at it and see it. I think once they get up here and taste it they'll kind of have a little bit of nostalgia. 

A fellow locally owned legend on The Corner, Mincer's, also says there's something special about this spot. 

“I don't know. It’s nice, it's unique, you can’t find it anywhere else,” Cal Mincer said. 

And together they hope to continue to bring the UVA and Charlottesville community together. 

“There are a lot of chains that don’t really bind communities together and we are hoping that we are one of those institutions that does,” Smyth said.  

Starting this week, Littlejohn's will return to their closing time of 3 a.m. from Wednesday through Saturday.