FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Lake Monticello residents will face off against their water provider in a State Corporation Commission hearing Tuesday.

AQUA Virginia is asking the SCC to allow them to hike water rates for their customers.

Over 2,000 people have submitted comments to the SCC asking them to deny AQUA’s request. They say they already pay some of the highest rates in the state.

The 33 percent hike AQUA is suggesting would total about $34 dollars more per month, pushing the water bill for many families into the $200 monthly range.

At the hearing, a Fluvanna County representative will testify to the SCC, telling them why they shouldn't approve the hike.

There will also be local residents hoping to give public comment

“This rate increase affects each and every one of those people. And a second increase of 40 or more percent in six years is just outrageous. If you look at the comments that have been posted on the SCC website, and I've read every single one of them, there's not one single customer that's happy with their service,” lake resident Steve Smith said.

The SCC will then decide whether to approve, deny or only approve part of what AQUA is asking for.

The rate hike actually already started at the beginning of the year, so AQUA may have to pay residents back depending on the outcome.