CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Throughout Saturday hundreds of people including multiple law enforcement agencies flooded grounds after what started as a quiet morning. 

Around 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning University police gave a warning to take down the tents to the roughly 15 people inside a pro-Palestinian encampment they called “liberation ground for Gaza” 

In their warning Chief of University Police, Tim Longo, said if they took down the tents they could stay. 

After the warning, UPD left the area, and it remained quiet until about 11:30 when law enforcement from Virginia State Police, UPD, ACPD, and CPD all showed up to build a perimeter around the encampment. 

University sent out an emergency alert about police presence on grounds and that's when the crowd started to grow. UPD gave a final 10-minute warning to take the tents down.

Then it was deemed an unlawful assembly. 

Just after noon Virginia State Police and more officers from Albemarle County arrived a full riot gear 

State Troopers moved in and immediately began detaining individuals and spraying pepper spray. 

Members of the UVA community shared differing opinions on the situation.

“And have been spraying students in the face with mace. We just had to call an ambulance and all of this was violence and aggression against students who are completely peaceful. They were not blocking any buildings, they were not harassing anyone, they weren’t even changing,” Susan Fraiman, Member of Coalition of Concerned Faculty Supporting the encampment 

“I’m holding an American flag and not an Israeli flag on purpose because I think the situation is complicated. Israel has gone too far in many cases. Also, I think people here supporting the Government in Palestine I just can’t deal with, and I truly believe they are anti- American,” Mark Second Year at UVA

Over the course of the afternoon officers expanded the police line until it reached University Avenue. 

Then, about 200 demonstrators walked through the corner and back up to Rugby Ave. dispersing a short time later. 

By 6:30 p.m. people had cleared out of the area and fences around what started as the encampment were put in place.