CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Both Virginia senators have made their views clear on pro-Palestinian protests on American college and university campuses, like the one seen on UVA Grounds this weekend.

Both have stated their support for the First Amendment right to protest but say when things get out of hand and the law is broken, consequences must be faced.

Senator Mark Warner says he hasn't followed the exact timeline of what happened at UVA, but reiterates his response to a similar question he received when protests started in Virginia.

Warner has previously said that while he "absolutely supports the First Amendment right to protest peacefully," there is no place for anti-Semitism and anti-Islamic rhetoric or beliefs in America.

On Thursday, he said the right to protest must be respected, but people must also understand that they have an obligation to follow the law.

"And if you break the law, and to my understanding at least, is that right to protest, at least on many universities, I don't know about UVA, but on many universities does not extend to the ability to build encampments where people are literally living on a university grounds, which by its very nature would interfere with other students' right to pursue their academics," he said.

Warner also reacted to President Biden's decision to halt some shipments of American weapons to Israel if it conducts a major invasion of Rafah, saying he doesn't think anyone in the Israeli government should be surprised if the president "sticks to his guns."

He continues to say a hostage deal between Hamas and Israel could lead to a ceasefire and lower tensions.

Senator Tim Kaine has responded to a letter delivered to his Richmond office on Monday regarding the war and student protests. In his response, he supports the right to protest again, but says decisions regarding college and university leadership and policy should be made by school administrators, boards, students, and parents — not by Congress.