ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Orange County Public Schools wanted to recognize teachers who are proving how you can make an impact, even as a first-year teacher.

The school district has debuted a new award for first year teachers, the Rookie of the Year award. They were awarded to Elizabeth Williams at Locust Grove Elementary and Grant Paxton at Prospect Heights Middle School, respectively.

“Her kids are excited every day to be in the classroom with her, she delivers creative lessons and just does amazing things, and always goes above and beyond,” said Dr. Eileen Oliver-Eggert, the principal at Locust Grove Elementary School, about Williams.

Williams dove headfirst into a career that is challenging, but influential in so many students' lives.

She says that while the job may be tiring, it does not feel like work because of the kids that come through her classroom.

“If you believe in yourself, that you can do something even though it may be difficult or hard to get there, you can do it,” said Williams.

Over at Prospect Heights, Paxton was thrown into the teacher role and embraced it.

Paxton created community service days and shows his leadership in and out of the classroom.

“He is an engaging teacher, he is humble. And I have a lot of amazing teachers here, but his leadership showed me right off the bat that he was going to be a fantastic educator,” said Renee Bourke, the principal of Prospect Heights Middle School.

Paxton says knowing you can inspire the next generation of learners is what keeps him motivated.

“I think just coming in and being positive every day, and sharing that positivity is the first thing to success,” said Paxton.