Allison Spillman is the Democratic-endorsed candidate for the Albemarle County School Board at-Large seat. This is Part Three of a three-part profile.

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- "It's really about chaos versus common sense," said Allison Spillman.

Spillman said Albemarle County schools are under attack.

She was asked if she was worried that if someone like her opponent, Meg Bryce, were elected to that seat, the first thing they might do is ban books.

"I'm worried about you know, this this extremist threat in general that's being waged on the school board. I do think that it is. it is a possibility here in Albemarle County and our community is beautifully diverse and our kids deserve to see themselves reflected in the materials that are being taught and then the books that are in our libraries,” she said.

She was also asked why she thinks it's important for someone on the school board to have kids in the school system. Bryce pulled her children out of the school system.

"I have kids in all three levels of school and my kids have varied experiences from mental health issues to neurodivergent and special needs to academic giftedness and an athlete to a proud member of LGBTQ community. We run the gamut of experiences, and so I think somebody who is in it every single day and can see what's working and what's not, allows me to really say like, ‘I'm in this, I want our schools to be great,’" Spillman said.

She said some of her supporters are private school parents who have good reasons for their choices. She said people who are unhappy and pull their kids out have valued opinions.

"If there are people unhappy with how it's going, we need to know why,” Spillman said.