CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- So far this year, the Charlottesville Police Department has responded to 50 calls for shots fired or shootings.

Of those incidents, four are being investigated as homicides.

The homicides occurred on Monticello Road in the Belmont area, Grove Street, Hardy Drive/Page Street and Cherry Avenue.

CPD says although all of these cases are still considered active, arrests have been made in each.

Officers have also responded to an aggravated assault in connection with these incidents and one suicide.

CPD Chief Michael Kochis has said the department will be using data-driven methods to try and address the violence, including “heat maps” showing areas in the city with the most activity.

The most recent such map shows a lot of activity in the area of Prospect Avenue and 10th Street NW/Page Street/Hardy Drive. 

There are also two less clearly defined spots along Cherry Avenue near Ninth Street SW/Pine Street and near Grove Street/Spring Street.

At a recent community forum, dozens of people spoke with Kochis regarding the increase in violence in the city.